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Best school essay editor site for school professional dissertation. Turing School of Software & Design is a 7-month, full-time training program in Denver, CO turning driven students into professional developers. Students who take their Back End Engineering Program or their front End Engineering Program will be surrounded by a supportive team dedicated to their career success. Turing's mission is to unlock human potential by training a diverse, inclusive student body to succeed in high-fulfillment technical careers, while Turing's vision is a world powered by technology where the people building it represent the people using it. Turing is the brainchild of Jeff Casimir and Jumpstart Labs (you might recognize these names from Hungry Academy and g School, among other achievements). The staff at Turing emphasizes their educational experience, not just their years as developers, and promises that successful graduates of the school will be valuable contributors to the company they choose to work for through community-driven education. The application process is rolling and requires a resume, writing sample, video response, and logic challenge. Students in the Turing program will learn TDD with Ruby, Ruby Web Applications with Sinatra & Rails, Professional Web Applications, and High-Performance Applications with APIs and Services. In addition, Turing now accepts the GI Bill and offers M-1 visa assistance. Moving from the basics of object-oriented programming and software execution to building database-backed web applications in Sinatra and Rails, our Back-End Engineering program provides the fundamental skills to launch your career in programming. Our front-end program provides the necessary skills to build a career in front-end development. From UX/UI principles to strong foundations on HTML, CSS, and Java Script, our curriculum provides the framework and tools to build effective desktop, mobile and web applications. After the course of many career changes, and once I decided to pursue programming, I began spending a fair amount of time researching coding programs. From what I found, Turing seemed to be the longest, and most positively-reviewed of the 'bootcamps'. I knew I did not want to spend only 2-3 months to try to learn a new career, especially something as deep as software development. So I took a chance on Turing, which was (for me) the far more expensive and difficult path. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I went 'all-in' when committing to the Turing program, and what I found was that they did the same to make you the best software developer possible. The staff and instructors are top-notch, and the community is incredibly strong. 2 months after graduation I began my first software position and have been highly fulfilled ever since. I feel Turing exceeded my expectations in every way for preparing me in the best career change I have ever made. This Review Is Helpful The decision to take a break from life to spend a lot of money to go back to school was hard but MORE than worth it. There is no getting around the fact that it is a HUGE commitment and sacrifice, but it is truly life altering. I went from having zero career direction to a lifelong career with the ability to provide for my family. The education I recieved at Turing is invaluable and I recommend it to ANYONE willing to sacrifice 7 months of their life. 7 months is NOTHING compared to the rest of your life. This Review Is Helpful Going through Turing was one of the most challenging yet deeply satisfying things I've ever done. I had no background in tech and didn't even know what the command line was before attending Turing, and that did not matter at all. They teach you all the tools you'll need to succeed is this ever changing field of software development. In under two years from me starting the program, I am making more money than I ever did before, living in a new city that I never thought I would, and I have a job where I learn new things everyday. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get into tech. Turing is a great school that cares about you as a developer. No prerequisites are required, except raw curiousity in how things work and pure grit. They will not pass you automatically and they will not make it easy. I would be willing to talk to anyone interested in the program personally if you'd like to email me at [email protected] This is not about reputation, but simply that you make it out of the program as a competent junior engineer who will excel at their new job. They help foster an environment that is inclusive and helps you to develop the skills necessary to be a good engineer. Public speaking, interviewing, pair programming, and solving problems are all covered here. These are arguably the best skills that will get you a job. Jeff Casimir is pretty straight shooting when it comes to voicing his opinion on things in the tech industry and also when it comes to job hunting. Turing students really do come out of the program with some amazing skills, but it is a tough job market out there and you'll need to hustle in order to find a job. It teaches you how to learn new things quickly and how to implement new ideas. Turing does what it can, by forcing you to build a portfolio, a resume, and to come up with a job hunting plan in order to graduate, but jobs won't fall into your lap. The fact that the backend program teaches you Ruby on Rails doesn't matter. The whole curriculum is available to you if you do a google search. I got a job that uses a Java/Groovy backend and a JS/ React frontend. There are tons of learning resources out there, but the program puts you alongside dedicated, smart, and driven individuals who will help you to push further and faster than you could learn on your own. The fact that 80% of the code I wrote during the program was in Ruby, didn't deter me in any way with finding a job in a different tech stack. Also, you can go to where many coding schools have had their job placement results published. Turing students consistently get higher salary offers than most programs and I think that is a reflection on the skills demonstrated by its graduates. This Review Is Helpful It's been nearly a year since I graduated from Turing and began working as a professional software developer and not a day goes by without me realizing how happy I am for taking the leap and enrolling in Turing. Before joining Turing, I graduated from college with a degree in Journalism and spent five years as a news producer. Searching for something more fulfilling and challenging, I sought out information on dev bootcamps in the area. After speaking to the CTO of Trelora (a Denver-based real estate company), the choice to enroll in Turing became clear. He echoed the same sentiments I heard from small businesses around the metro area, "Turing produces the best, most well-rounded developers." After just the first month in Turing, I knew that I had finally found my calling. It was the first place that I felt accepted for who I am and software development (which I had some experience with when I was in high school) became my passion. I spent seven months working through all four modules, continually being pushed to produce some of the coolest things I could ever imagine. Furthermore, beyond the technical aspect, Turing opened my eyes to some of the real-world struggles within the industry and gave me the tools to combat those injustices in the workplace. I am now a software developer for Dish Network creating internal applications for our thousands of sales agents around the world. If, just 18 months ago, someone told me that I would be doing this for a living, I would have never believed them. Turing's fantastic instructors and difficult curriculum is changing the lives of hundreds of people everyday, while diversifying the technical field with talented, driven individuals. This Review Is Helpful I'm seven months into my first job outside of Turing, and I can tell you it's the best decision I've ever made in my life. This Code Newbie podcast interview with Turing's founder, Jeff Casimir, is what drew me to the school originally: https:// Jeff was a tenured educator who started his career teaching with Teach for America before founding one of the very first immersive code schools, Hungry Academy, before the term bootcamp was even applied to them. Hungry Academy had a specific purpose and once that was completed Jeff co-founded G-School (now Galvanize) and then went on to start Turing as a non-profit organization. Here are just a handful of things that sets Turing apart: I think the investment of time and money into Turing is worthwhile, but I was fortunate enough to complete the program without repeating any modules. I think that anyone applying to Turing needs to know that, from what I've seen, it is one of the more difficult coding schools out there. They'll throw students in the deep end and let them drown for a while, but help is there when anyone asks. Students struggle together and create a support network for each other. Every single week has at least 50-60 hours of commitment between project work time and class time. It can be more than that during the final week or two of each module. When I say it's hard, I mean that in order to succeed, you need to expect to take a break from everything else in your life. I also like to mention that although Turing is very transparent about reporting their graduation and placement statistics, their metrics measuring these numbers have changed multiple times in the past couple years. For example, when I decided that I would apply to code schools in late 2015, Turing claimed to accept 8-14% of their applicants while placing well over 90% in careers that paid on average more than ,000/year within 3 months of graduation. They also offered a tuition reimbursement guarantee if you didn't get an offer of at least ,000/year in the first couple months after graduating. These are written in my notes from code school research, and they came from Turing's website in 2015. Those numbers have continuously declined, both while I was a student and after I graduated. They stopped guaranteeing tuition reimbursement just before I started in May 2016. The code school market is much more competitive now. I obviously can't speak for the other coding schools, but Turing has competitors that claim better job placement, better starting salaries, and even competitors that don't make you pay any tuition until your first offer comes along. I still think Turing is a great life-changing experience. If you're located in Denver, I believe Turing would be a solid (and probably the best) choice. If you're planning to move in order to attend Turing, I'd weigh more options and look thoroughly at each one. One additional component worth mentioning is that Turing takes to heart it's mission of developing not just skilled developers, but developers that are aware of social issues and how the web development world is engaged with, or impacts these issues. Everything from the gender wage gap, to accessibility for disabled persons, to examination of workplace stereotypes is covered in school-programmed discussions and activities. I don't know that this element exists at other coding schools. I appreciate what I gained from engagement in these discussions. This Review Is Helpful Deciding to apply for, and attend Turing School was quite honestly the BEST decision I've ever made not only professionally, but personally. When you attend Turing you receive a top notch education from incredibly passionate instructors and staff, make a group of lifelong friends and mentors, and leave with a supportive network of web developers, and most likely an incredibly fulfilling job and career. Keep in mind, this program is not for the faint of heart. It's really really hard and there will be a handful times when you question whether or not you can do it and even if you've made the right decision. You'll spend hours sitting at a computer not seeing the light of the day, feeling like you're going to pull your hair out and I'd be lying if I said it gets easier as you get further through the program. But, the light at the end of the tunnel is having a solid skill set of web development and the ability to shift or expand upon your current career. I graduated from the Front-End Engineering program (as the second cohort) where I gained a strong fundamental knowledge of front-end languages, libraries, and frameworks and accepted a job offer 2 weeks before graduation. And although they needed some adjustments to the curriculum when I attended, they had already started to implement big changes by the time I graduated. Aside from the curriculum, you also receive an invaluable education on soft skills, the impact you can have in the world of technology, and how to be a strong member of a community. Overall, Turing was a great experience and I'd recommend it to anyone who thinks web development is something they could truly be passionate about, who wants to pivot their career or, like me, expand on the one they already have. This Review Is Helpful So I went through the Turing program in March of 2015; they just had the back-end program, no front-end yet. I feel the investment of time and money into Turing is definitely worthwhile. I was in a situation where I was looking to change careers from nursing, and Turing was the perfect program to make that happen. I don’t feel the quick 6-8 week long bootcamps out there, are nearly enough to successfully help someone to change careers. I will say, I was fortunate enough to complete the Turing program without repeating any modules. This was not true for a large part of the students while I was there. Any given week, plan on committing at least 60-80 hours of your time to the school. You’ll be in class for 40 hours during the week, but expect another 20-40 hrs on evenings and weekends to complete projects, struggle through problems, Googling the hell out the internet… To really succeed in the program, expect nearly everything else in your life to take a back seat. I do wondering how I would have reacted if I had to repeat a module. I found myself to be absolutely exhausted by the end. Many students at the school, while I was there, either had to repeat a module, or decided on their own to take a module off to regroup and have a break from it. That being said, taking a break wasn’t really an option for me, so I did push through and was burning the candle from both ends. I won’t comment on the instructors specifically, as several of them have moved on to other positions in the nearly 3 years since I was there. Reading other reviews though, it does sound similar in that they will throw students in the deep end for awhile and let you struggle. I think that’s a good thing though, people learn when they have to struggle to find the solution. If you’re not good at asking for help though, be ready to change, otherwise you’ll definitely drown over there in the deep end. As far as the emotional/mental health while you’re there, which is literally half the battle, if you don’t have a support system at home (which I did have), the instructors and staff at Turing were ceratinly there for students. You just have to know you can reach out, they can’t read minds if you’re struggling, whether that be technically or mentally/emotionally. Turing is one of the more difficult coding programs out there, hands down. If you can do that, Turing is with out a doubt, worth it. I was utterly exhausted at times, I was miserable at times, I cried many times, and I constantly questioned whether I should be doing this, but I was able to make a very successful career change, and I felt extremely ready for the working world as a programmer. Hind sight is always 20-20, while in Turing, I struggled and therefore wasn’t the happiest person, but afterwards, working as a developer, I am extremely thankful of Turing and how they prepared me to be an effective developer. This Review Is Helpful I honestly don't know what else to say. If you're looking to transition into the field of software development then this is your best bet. The instructors genuinely care about you and your career path. Jeff, even though he is incredibly busy, takes the time to get to know you and takes your feedback seriously. I loved everyone in my cohort and made some lifelong friends throughout my time at Turing. Now, it's been about a year and a half since I've left Turing and I still recieve career support from staff and keep in contact with many people that I met. I've worked with other 'bootcamp' grads and, though I generally support the bootcamp model, it makes me thankful that I chose Turing because I feel better prepared than most other bootcamp grads that I've come across. I'm forever thankful for both my time at Turing and all of the staff members there that are dedicated to helping people create a better life for themselves. This Review Is Helpful The Turing School of Software & Design changed my life. I am now making twice as much money as I ever have before at a fulfilling job. I won’t say that the program is necessarily a good fit for you, though. I am incredibly grateful to Jeff Casimir and the staff at Turing for their work and vision. I saw a lot of people drop out of the program, so I encourage you to try to determine if this is the right path for you or not before dropping 20 grand on it. I can vouch for the legitimacy of the program and career prospects for graduates. I’ll spend the rest of the review describing what I think a prospective student should do or consider before signing up. It’s not a place you show up, attend the necessary lectures for a few months then wait for a job offer. I worked very hard to learn the material, build up my professional materials to be an attractive candidate and then slogged through the emotional torment that was the job hunt. Can you work hard 6-7 days a week, 10 hours a day or more? Can you continue working hard when you’re sure it’s futile and you’re wasting your time? Doesn’t make it true, but you will have those thoughts. When I applied to Turing, and this is still the case as far as I know, you could get in without ever having touched a computer before in your life. They assessed my problem-solving skills and personality via collaborating on an LSAT question. I do believe anyone could learn to program, but I do not believe everyone would enjoy it. Luckily, there are so many free resources to explore you can easily get a feel for programming and whether or not you want to make a career switch around it. Please, spend 50 hours or so playing with before you decide to take off at least 7 months of your life and pay a lot of money to pursue this career change. Are your ducks in a row to take 7-10 months off work? Family, pets, financial obligations can all derail a Turing career. Don’t underestimate the time commitment, as well as the emotional drain the program takes on most people. It is fun and rewarding, but also incredibly difficult. Don’t hamstring yourself by overextending yourself. Have you done a Try Turing event It will give you a good idea of the Turing culture and teaching style, and save you 0 if you decide to do Turing. I chose Turing over several other programs because I wanted to go somewhere that was more than a job factory. I wanted to have an experience that was a wholesome place to truly transition into a new career. If the only thing motivating you is the paycheck, you’ll have a tough path forward. If you like challenging yourself and working closely with others, Turing is the best place in the world to start a career in software development. This Review Is Helpful I moved from Portland to Denver to attend the Turing School of Software and Design, and moved back to Portland when I was finished. I was the last person in my cohort to get hired, and the staff were still doing weekly check-ins with me 6 months after I finished. It was obvious to me that they were committed to making sure I completed my career change. Turing is a different experience than any I've heard of in Portland so far. The Portland developer schools tend to be 3 months while Turing lasts 7 months. Some of the Portland schools ask only 20 hours a week, or have graduates teaching classes. Turing occupied at least 60 hours a week for the whole term. The Turing staff were knowledgable, aproachable and passionate. The learning environment might not be appropriate for everyone, but it worked for me and the people I studied with. I have recommened the school (even when people didn't ask or care) to anyone I can talk to about their job or education. This Review Is Helpful I don't have time to relay my full thoughts as this program is incredibly intense & I have about 5 big things to juggle in my final week. That said, I hope there's an edit button so I can come back & explicate further! Overall, my experience has been tremendous; I have gained so many incredibly valuable skills and truly feel ready to enter the world of programming. I've found out that this requires a ton of skills that I didn't really foresee, but I am super thankful to have gained them and feel at a level above most juniors exiting a "bootcamp". At times, I've felt like my head was swimming and my emotions were going to explode, however, my classmates & the staff were always here to reassure me I could do it. There is so much camaraderie and instructors are totally willing to work with you to get you where you need to be, willing that you have the time & grit to get through it. I'm making a 180-degree switch in careers (I was mostly a farmer and cab-driver prior to Turing), and I couldn't have done it without this level of instruction and community support. The school's values also align with mine and it was easy to see from the get-go that they have my best interests at heart and are not just in it for the money. This non-profit highly values diversity, inclusion, and helping their students gain high-fulfillment careers in tech. This Review Is Helpful I seriously doubt there is a better education of it's kind out there. I worked in the trades and had no real good way to get into a new career with our going back to school but was not happy about the idea of another 4 years of schooling. I started with zero knowledge of computers, and and finished with a very solid understanding of programming and development and got a really great job as a full stack agile software developer immediately after graduation. It was too fast for me and I repeated 2 modules but I still wouldn't have gone anywhere else. They are not looking to just let anyone in and graduate. They hold a very high standard of education and it transformed me into someone ready for the work force. The curriculum is top notch, and the instructors care very much about the students. The hidden gem of Turing is the other students you'll be with. Turing has a way of finding great people to admit so everyone is always helping each other which got me through multiple jams during late night sessions studying and finishing projects. The incredible pace was matched by the resources and support. Jeff Casimir has a very strong passion for helping people. There was a bit of social education which wasn't what I came for but I admire their passion for helping disadvantaged people and the local community. This Review Is Helpful I went into the back end program with only about half of a free online course under my belt, so to say that it was a struggle would be an understatement. But if you've found this review because you are confident you would like to pursue a career in something Turing can teach you, it could be a dream opportunity. I graduated from the back-end program in April 2016 and am currently employed as an Associate Software Engineer in the New England area. The days, nights and weekends all sort of blended together, but I never felt like I was wasting time. My post-Turing job search consisted of 3 months, 4 on site interviews, and 2 offers. Turing was able to transform me, someone with a few months of self-taught ruby experience into a full fledged software engineer at a NYC Tech company. There were always resources available, from the incredibly dedicated instructors, to the crazy network of mentors that Jeff Casimir has built over the years. Some of Turing's defining characeristics are its non-profit status, Jeff Casimir's reputation and experience in education, its duration compared to the industry average, its support of honest and transparent graduation/employment statistic reporting (which is sorely lacking in the industry right now), its constant self-reflection and "how can we do this better" perspective, and its desire to engage more women, minorities, and folks facing disadvantages in the software engineering community. You probably have read about the challenging nature of the curriculum and how it was the most difficult experience for each respective graduate. The special-ness of the community and curriculum is really one of a kind. I ultimately pulled through, and am very happy with the direction my career has taken since. However, I would like for this review to really indentify if Turing is for you. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants a career in software development. 1) This is not a place to go if you just want the end goal (big money job) without the likeness (i really dont like the word passion) for code. The only way through this program and into an employers hands (which is getting harder by the day) is to really like what you are doing. The largest successs that Turing has produced has been students who exemplified this. Students who have stayed later, put in more work then needed and had truly immersed themselves. Although it's possible, a part time commitment would have been a disaster for me (easily sidetracked with a proclivity for laziness). 2) This is an unconventional educational experience, and needs to be welcomed with zero preconceived notion of what education is. I've seen doctorate grads be on the same level as college dropouts. 3) Please please please make sure you are interested in code before going. Overall, Turing provides a rock-solid curriculum taught by instructors who truly care within a diverse community of hungry individuals. 1) Instructors *****: Most of the instructors who were best for me are gone now, however Turing does a great job of creating a staff with a diverse set of teaching styles and personalities that you are bound to find one that inspires you. I am a bit worried with the recent overflow of student - "project review" was eye opening for me as a learning process and a real confidence builder. I'm now confident to take on any challenge on the job and being able to figure it out. 3) Job Assistance **: One area I would say that could be improved. I had very llttle corresponence post grad with the jobs team (one lead) (Full disclosure: This could be in part to me as well, I was focused on New York Only, and networking with alumni on my own) . They are always helpful and spread apart the globe at great companies. If you are worried about job placements..number 1 above. A strong, persistent developer will always be able to find a job, it is up to you to get to this point before graduation. Overall, Turing as a decision is hard to recommend without a strong asterisk. What are your goals, who are you and why are you looking at coding bootcamps? If you truly feel this is what you want to do, it would be hard pressed to find a better school than this. Lastly, one cannot review Turing without a mention of it's social mission. A small part (depending who you ask) of the Turing experience is awakening it's students to contemporary liberal ideology. Overall, it is a welcoming and not forceful introduction. This was never a real focus for me, as the coding education is what truly inspired, and this was fine. I always thought through what Turing did best (code), inherently does a far better job at creating great, open-minded people, not the explicit group sessions (gear-ups). As an FYI, my non-commital nature to their admirable political and social mission never impacted my outcomes, grades or helpfulness from the staff and Jeff Casimir That being said, I will always be thankful for this experience! This Review Is Helpful I graduated from the back-end program in August 2016. I currently work as a Software Developer in Rails Angular 2. I chose between Turing and Galvanize and the main reasons that swayed me towards Turing were: The program is constantly changing and my review is probably hideously outdated when compared to the processes / curriculum, but I love the ability for them to change when something doesn't work. The teachers have your best interest at heart and want to see you succeed and learn, even if it means calling you out when they know you're not giving your all. The community is amazing and the network of mentors is uncomparable. I graduated and it took me 87 days to receive my first offer. That might seem like a long time, but in the end not coding bootcamp can hand you a job at the end of the program. There were people in my cohort that had job offers before graduation, but they put in the work of networking and making those connections early. You graduate and show up as someone with no professional experience. Turing helps you with professional / personal development and how to approach and overcome the hurdles of entering a new industry. I also now work in a framework we weren't taught at Turing (Angular 2), but didn't have any trouble diving in and learning. I know it sounds cliché, but you really do learn how to learn different programming patterns and aren't pigeonholed into a specific language. They helped me transition from a career I disliked and become a better person along the way. This Review Is Helpful I'll start by saying I graduated three weeks ago, and am now in my second week of work as a software developer with a good company. I came from a non-tech background (BA in Creative Writing and a career as a commercial fisherman). I did my research about a lot of coding schools, and Turing was exactly what I expected and was pitched. It is extremely demanding time-wise, but the emotional stress varies widely among students. The curriculum seems about as good as possible for 7 intense months, and the core teachers are all exceptional. As many people have said, one of the best part is the other students. A few people have been rubbed the wrong way by the PC side of the school's mission, but students should be aware of this element before enrolling and be prepared to participate in tough discussions or quietly disengage from that part. The job-assitance aspect of the school is continually improving, and many students find jobs through referrals from the staff (myself included). If you're looking to transition into a software career through an intensive program, Turing is in the top tier of options. This Review Is Helpful I chose Turing because I knew of Jeff Casimer and what he had done at g School. At the time I approached Jeff the Turing program was an ember in Jeff's mind, but I knew that it would be the right choice. It was a little bit of a bet to invest my future in something that was just starting out but my has it paid off. At Turing, they don't just teach you how to code in ruby or rails. They use those languages to provide you with a set of tools that will allow you to go out into the workforce and work on almost anything you want to, in any language you want to. That is so much more valuable than learning just a language. Since I graduated I've been able to follow my interests and pick up new technoligies relatively quickly. The other amazing thing about Turing is the network of people. The people, teachers, students, alumni, and mentors, at Turing are awesome. Everyone continues to insire me to learn more and also better myslef as a person. The mentorship program, where alumni and other developers in the field can mentor current students has been not only helpful to those students I mentore, but helpful to me. It has been an invaluable asset in increasing my confidence in my knowledge and also teaching me new things all the time. Turing was and continues to be a source of knowledge or personal development for me. This Review Is Helpful My favorite thing about Turing is that they are continuously improving. They constantly iterate on the program by trying new things - keeping what works and scraping what doesn't. This attitude is what convinces me that they are sincere about giving you the best education and experience possible. I took a great job a few weeks after graduating, and by the second week I already had code in the production app. I was fully prepared to come into the company and start writing code immediately (without having previous tech experience! I'm incredibly proud to have been a Turing student. They have an incredible community and incredible staff. I would choose to attend Turing again in a heart beat. This Review Is Helpful After talking with people who went to other coding programs, I realized just how special Turing is. Turing is a non-profit (EVERYONE on the team is there for the students, not $$$). The program is way longer and more in-depth than almost every other program. They help (and rigourously push) you to become a solid developer in 7 months. Will you be showered with job offers upon graduation? Getting a job requires hussle, salemanship (show off all that great work you've been doing! Turing can help with all that, but it will still be up to you to find a job that works for you. Taking time and money to change careers is a big commitment; budget at least a year from the time you quit your old job until your first developer paycheck comes in. This Review Is Helpful Turing was a life-changing opportunity for me and I will forever be grateful for it. In my experience, Jeff Casimir and the Turing staff did everything in their power to help provide an environment where students not only become sought-after developers, but well rounded people. Jeff cares about providing an environment where student success is prioritized. Not only does he and the staff continuously improve on the curriculum EVERY cohort, but he is not above fixing a toilet or installing a ramp for students that need it. The support that I received from the staff was BY FAR the best I had from any post-secondary education I’ve been apart of. There were many nights / weekends where they sacrificed their own personal time to help my classmates and I work on problems and issues we were stuck on. They don’t just tell you that student success is important to them, they show you by the commitment they put towards their students each day. As everyone else has already said, Turing is VERY HARD! It demands a lot of your time and you will be mentally tested everyday. For 7 months, you will have to commit to becoming the best developer you can be. You will have to sacrifice time with your family and friends (I’m a husband and father of two), but the education you get in return is more than worth it. I’m not going to tell you that everything at Turing is perfect. The process of receiving a mentor was somewhat confusing when I was there, but they have currently taken strides to improve that process and make sure that every student has the ability to get a mentor in the most efficient way. Overall, the decision to go to Turing has been the best career decision that I have made. I received a job offer before I finished school and am loving my job. None of this would have been possible without the help, guidance, and support I received at Turing! Turing is one of the most challenging endeavors you will ever pursue. It is seven months of intense software development training and personal assessment. Each day you will be pushed beyond your mental and physical boundaries. Some days, you will question if you have the stamina to successfully complete the program. In the end, however, you will recognize that attending Turing was one of the best decisions you ever made! I went into Turing with zero programming experience. I had only completed a couple of online Ruby tutorials but knew immediately that I wanted to pursue software development. If you are new to programming and are considering attending Turing, here are a few personal recommendations. First, be 100% certain you are ready to place your life "on hold" for seven months. Have your finances in order and minimize the number of distractions outside of Turing so you can focus entirely on the program. other things) I had to learn during my first few weeks at Turing. If possible, I suggest you get Mac laptop and start getting familiar with it. Choose a text editor (Atom is very beginner-friendly) and learn some key bindings. Play around with the Terminal and enable tab completion. Being able to navigate your machine at a reasonable rate will help you keep pace with class lectures and exercises. Also, I would recommend completing a good Rails tutorial so you can get a better idea of its MVC pattern. Third, if a certain subject area is not clicking, seek help! Turing moves fast so don't let too much time pass by before asking for help. Given that I was part of the first cohort (#1406) at Turing, resources were somewhat limited during my first two modules and that find a good mentor who was commited to helping me. Fortunately, Turing has since increased and improved its mentor participation and has also structured student "posses" in which students from cohorts ahead of yours can serve as helpful resources. Each instructor at Turing is both an educator and a programmer. Their commitment to your individual success and the success of the program is unquestionable. They each invest countless hours preparing lectures, enhancing the curriculum, and helping students outside of normal hours. Other programs experience high turnover with instructors, which can often lead to inconsistency and instability in a program's curriculum and overall success. As soon as you're accepted into Turing, you become part of an awesome community! Many are recent graduates of Jeff Casimir's previous training programs and Turing, so they know exactly what it takes to get through the seven months. Others are seasoned developers and industry leaders who fully support Turing by generously devoting their personal time to help the program succeed. Obviously, I am extremely proud to be part of this remarkable network! Turing values its culture and its curriculum equally, so the administration does a great job of filtering potential students in order to maintain a healthy learning environment. That said, please understand that you will be in many stressful situations throughout the course of the program and it is essential that you and your classmates communicate effectively. Also, if you notice one of your classmates is falling behind, take the initiative to help him/her get back on track; it will be a great learning opportunity for you both and it will pay significant dividends as the course advances. And, since most of the assignments are group-based projects, ensuring that every member of the group can contribute similarly will lighten the workload and enhance the experience for everyone. Summary: Please understand that there is no such thing as a perfect software development training program. There is a lot to learn and there is never enough time. However, I can assure you that Turing has the best resources and systems in place to turn you into an employable developer by the end of the seven-month course. Just like anything else in life, if you go in with a positive attitude, work hard, and make the best out of every day, you will have a great experience. This Review Is Helpful I was CNC machinist when I made the decision to join Turing. Without a computer background I found myself struggling at times to comprehend some of the concepts that were being taught and asked many a 'dumb' question. I also had a wife and two kids and only got to see them on weekends during the 7 months. Because of this I put in roughly 70 hours/week during weekdays and took the weekends off to be with family. This program is everything they've advertised and can totally change the trajectory of your life. My income tripled from one year to the next and opportunities are so much bigger than what I had before. If you are good with that than Turing is the place for you. But do not enter this program thinking you will skate through to graduation and be handed a great high paying job. 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