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Professional Case Study Writers from Top Level Universities Mainly because stories appeal to our emotions and our capacity for empathy. They understand the huge role stories play in their sales process. And why we’ll watch a classic film over and over again. Neuroscientists have proven that stories can deeply influence our beliefs and decisions. If your deadline is urgent, we have case study writers, delivered in six hours. that it's our writers that make us a top rated, recommended website and we would.

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Websites To Find Paid Freelance Writing Work Updated It is an entire process that involves detailed examinations of a certain situation, behavior, , person, or business over a given period of time. In simple words, this is one of the most complex projects you’ll ever have to complete. Feb 16, 2017. Because Constant-Content is so mature, writers can demand top. Case Study How I Get Clients For My Freelance Writing Business. I think it's worth noting though that some of these sites accept writers from the US only.

Write my marketing case study professional creative writing. Case studies are a great way to tell the world how valuable your products or services are. They go beyond simple testimonials by showing real-life examples of how you were able to satisfy your customer’s needs and help them accomplish their goals. With great case studies, you will be able to highlight your successes in a way that will make your ideal potential customer become your customer. The following are some tips on how to make your case studies a powerful asset in soliciting business. If it’s someone in the education industry, then make your case studies about your university customers. If it’s someone in the automobile industry, then make your case studies about auto parts and accessories manufacturers. The goal is to ensure that once your ideal customer has read your case studies, they will feel: Think about it on a smaller level, such as when you’re reading a how-to blog post. But when you come across a how-to post specifically designed for your needs (such as online marketing for the healthcare industry), then you are more likely to understand and apply the information. The same goes with case studies – people who read about results attained in their industry will feel like the same products / services will work for them as well. A great case study will allow someone to really get to know the customer in the case study including: A final thing you could do is simply follow up with the customer in the case study and update your case study a few months down the road to show how your products / services are continuing to have long term benefits for the customer. This would give readers the opportunity to see that your goal is not only to help with immediate needs, but also to ensure long term results. No one really likes to read one huge chunk of text, no matter how interesting and informative it might be. Be sure to use good content formatting elements like you would with articles, blog posts, and copywriting on your website including: In addition to providing great SEO value for your case studies page, these formatting elements will help your readers (especially those that like to skim) find the most important parts of your case study and get a great impression about what your business could do for them. Have you ever read case studies where a business states that they “doubled traffic” for the customer in their case study and wondered if that meant they went from 100 to 200 visits or 10,000 to 20,000 visits? Certain ways of displaying numbers can have an ambiguous meaning. You will want your case study to be as clear as day. So instead of just saying you doubled their traffic, show them real numbers and (if possible) real proof. Of course, remember that not everyone is as familiar with the technology as you are, so be sure to highlight what they should be noticing. This way, the reader can see where the customer began and where the customer ended up with your help. Plus having the picture proof can help the reader envision exactly what you might do for them, making the case study that much more powerful. So you doubled a website’s traffic or sales, right? This is where you sell your products or services simply by saying which ones you used and how they led to the desired result. You shouldn’t just say “our online marketing services led to these results.” Instead, you should say “it was a combination of a three-month dedicated social media campaign focusing on Facebook & You Tube and five months of link building that led to an increase in rankings plus brand exposure that led to these results.” While people like stories, case studies do not have to be fit into story form every time. You could try different types of case studies, such as an interview format where you have your clients answer the same questions mentioned earlier about what they do, their needs, their goals, and how you met them. Quoting your customer in their own words will make the case study even more relatable to your ideal customer than you telling the story. While some people enjoy reading, others may prefer audio, video, or visual representation of your case study. So consider taking your text-based case studies and re-purposing the content as: The bonus with You Tube videos and infographics is that they are easy to share. This means that your case study may go further than just your own site, leading to more of your potential customers finding out how they could benefit from your products or services. What’s the point of having great case studies if no one will ever read them? Be sure that your case studies are organized and easy to find. Some great examples of how to do this include the following: Amazon Web Services Microsoft’s Business Hub Drupal Kissmetrics combines behavioral analytics with email automation. Our software tracks actions of your users across multiple devices allowing you to analyze, segment and engage your customers with automatic, behavior-based emails in one place. Get, keep and grow more customers with Kissmetrics. About the Author: Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Kikolani focuses on blog marketing, including social networking strategies and blogging tips. Write my marketing case study, professional creative writing proofreading websites for masters, best dissertation results editor sites gb. for hire us

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