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Dan Quayle - "I hired Laura after an exhaustive search to find the best resume writer... I could not have been happier with Laura's attention to detail and the quality of her work. Visit and learn more the 44th U. S. vice president, Dan Quayle; his many malapropisms and his crusade for "family values."

How to Write a Bio for a Work Website That's why I wrote this post - to give you some tips on how to take your all-important bio to the next level. After experimenting with different versions, I found one that really worked for me. I knew I found the perfect fit for me when people were responding to it. DOWNLOAD: Looking for some Twitter tools for your marketing strategy? In fact, people loved it when I changed my Twitter bio. But remember: you'll rarely write the perfect bio the first time around. For example, my current Twitter bio has gone through at least 10 re-writes. A good bio would have a mix of a profession as well as personal. The biography you write for a company or personal work-related website acts as a form of advertising that can help others determine if you're rht for a job.

Marketing Coach How to Write Your Kickass Bio 12 Most professionals, small business owners included, can benefit from having a well-written and professional biography. The main goals of a professional biography are to give the reader an accurate sense of who you are and what you do, establish expertise and credibility, and qualify your experience and background. As a marketing speaker and marketing coach, my clients often ask me to critique their Professional Bio. Whether YOU are a professional speaker, consultant.

Write me management biography:

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